daring and direction

My family tags me as the one who ‘feels the fear and does it anyway’. I haven’t always been this way. While I‘m a hardwired curious, calculated risk taker, I know what it’s like to feel unfulfilled and stuck. 

This is why I coach. 

I’m up for helping you safely through or around the obstacles that get in the way of life affirming change. Between us we’ll find your strengths and put them to work to achieve amazing things.


Our desire to change has innumerable triggers. No matter what motivates us to act differently, we need clarity and purpose to maintain momentum.

I’ve designed three coaching programs for people at varying stages in their journey towards their best selves. Finding clarity and purpose is at the heart of them. 

However the breadth and depth of the work we’ll do will be different.


These programs reflect my work with people who come to coaching with distinct aims and expectations. I’m confident you will find what you need here. 


You’re kicking plenty of career goals, but outside of the office – not so much.

Although you’re winning at work, you often feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Mindset Program will reconnect you to the parts of your life you lost touch with while you built your brilliant business or crafted your stellar career.


You want to do something specific and special. You’re clear about that.

While your ‘what’ is crystal clear, your ‘how’ and maybe even your ‘why’ need work.

The Motivation Program propels you towards whatever courageous life-changing goal you’re pursuing. It’s ideal if you’re planning to run something – like your first or best marathon or your own business or change something – like your work or your weight.


You know something needs to change but you’re not sure what that is.

You’re sufficiently curious and dissatisfied to go the extra mile to pin it down and sort it.

The Momentum Program will help you sort that elusive ‘something’ out.  We’ll identify it; find out why it matters and where it sits with your values and vision of your self as a genuinely effective person.

I would highly recommend Bec; I had never really thought much about wellness or coaching until I attended one of her Discovery Sessions. Since then it has been great to have a coach and mentor to discuss my goals with and motivate me to become a better version of myself. Thanks Bec!


Ready to chat about where to begin?