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Building a robust and resilient team

Is your workplace experiencing high turnover, absenteeism and performance issues? 
Does your organisation prioritise the health and wellness of your people?
How WELL is your organisation making the leap of healthy change?

Is this your workshop?

Stress and unhealthy lifestyle choices may be robbing your workplace of productivity, performance and career satisfaction. A WELL organisation prioritises their employees well being and embraces a culture of healthy engagement, innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement at every level.

How do you implement a sustainable wellness strategy into your organisation?

It’s important that HR Professionals and Management, role model healthy habits and introduce new and inventive ways to keep their workplace well with healthy, happy, productive, resilient and engaged people.

For a workplace wellness program to succeed it needs to be supported by all members of senior and middle management of the organisation. Managers who lead by example and are demonstrating support for the program will influence the culture and attitude for the rest of the organisation and will inspire them to make healthier choices in their own lifestyles.

Workplace Wellness is a team effort in today’s demanding workplace. This master class explores wellness principles and uncovers what your workplace and your people need to be Healthy, WELLthy and Wise.

What we cover

The WELL workplace
The wellness wheel self-assessment
Creating a WELL team
The workplace wellness strategy
Resilience principals
Mastering your mindset
Making habits, breaking habits
Finding purpose, meaning & fulfillment in the workplace
Discovering your signature strengths
Values in action
Facing problems with courage, confidence and clarity
Productive planning
Doing decisions
Following through
Building sustainable support
Living and leading WELL
CommunicateWELL to build WELLrelationships

Who is this workshop for?

Every team member within your organisation.

It’s ideal for those ready to step up and keep up so they can perform, live and work WELL and empower others to do the same.

What’s included


A workplace wellness survival pack of practical strategies to support a happy healthy workplace

Full day in house workshop


I recently attended one of Rebecca’s workshops. The setting was great, and the environment was very welcoming. Rebecca has a great way of leading you down a path of thought without putting pressure on you and making you consider different options both personally and professionally. I would highly recommend her programmes for your mid-tier management and decision makers in your business to help them become clearer in themselves and thereby lead their teams better in the work place.
Justin Hickman
Director Stay @ Margaret River
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Mastering your Mindset

Understand your own and others’ mindsets
Overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs
Achieve your most ambitious goals

Is this your workshop?

Organisations across the globe are recognising and training their people to understand a person’s mindset either propels them towards or away from reaching their full potential.

In this thought provoking and empowering workshop, we identify the limiting beliefs that hold people back. Then we develop strategies to help overcome them.

This half day workshop is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Help drive performance and productivity within your organisation
  • Empower your people
  • Embrace change and create a culture of innovation

Who is this workshop for?

Every team member within your organisation. It’s ideal for those ready to step up and keep up so they can perform, live and work WELL and empower others to do the same.

What we cover

Different mindsets, how to identify with them and develop strategies to change thinking

How a person’s mindset affects their success

Identify and overcoming limiting beliefs

Valuable tools and strategies to help master mindset

Understanding core values in action

Develop tools to improve decision making

Building adaptability and flexibility into your decisions

Self-Care strategies for peak performance and mindset mastery

What’s included


A mindset survival pack of practical strategies to support a growth mindset

The G-MAP Growth Mindset Activation Plan™ to help you navigate your way through using Growth Mindset language within your organisation.

Half day in house workshop


Rebecca, you are a wonderful speaker whose words truly come from the heart. I could sit and talk with you all day! Thank you for a very eye opening experience, I have taken home with me a better understanding of my own thought processes and how to deal more productively with the negative perceptions that hinder my productivity.
Kerry Brooks
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Mastering the art and science of movement that matters.

Mastering the art and science of movement that matters


Movement matters:

Humans are designed to move and to resist moving in ways they hate!
Forget about peer pressure or fashion or any other kind of “should do this or that….”
approach that apparently works miracles for others.
MoveWell™ will help you find a movement modality and routine you’ll love plus give you
movement and breathing techniques to keep you living and moving WELL because people
who MoveWELL™, eat, think, work, play and live WELL.
This workshop can be adapted, extended and presented in many different formats

What will we do?

Discover your fitness personality
We’ll explore our movement patterns and range of movement
Move in ways that feel right for our body
Discover valuable breathing techniques to manage stress, improve energy and calm our
nervous system
Create an achievable movement plan

Who is this workshop for?

Every…Body! All shapes, sizes and ability is welcomed and encouraged
Remember to wear comfortable clothing or workout wear to enable you to move comfortably.

In house workshop


Ideal Workshop Format/s

Lunch and Learn sessions
Before and after work sessions

This workshop can be adapted, extended and presented in many different formats.

Full and half day workshop options

Rebecca lives, breaths and eats health and wellness on all levels. Rebecca will assist you to harness your health and wellness goals with her beautiful personality and brilliant sense of humour
Vicki Taylor
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Mastering the art of living a life of purpose and fulfillment

Disrupt unhelpful thinking patterns and set courageous goals
Dare to dream big and gain confidence to chase your dreams
Direct your focus, get clear about what you want so you can LiveWELL

Disrupt Dare Direct

Would you like to:

  • Make this your year for setting and scoring exciting goals?
  • Ditch the doubts, fears and defunct beliefs that hold you back?
  • Dare to be brave about stretching your limits?
  • Developing and direct a laser sharp plan that keeps you on track?
  • Get clear and confident about what matters and stop postponing change?
  • Spend a day with courageous people who want to make things happen?

A day to disrupt unhelpful thinking patterns and set courageous goals.
Dare to dream big and gain confidence to chase your dreams.
Direct your focus and get clear about what you want.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Anyone with a heartbeat and a deep desire to live their best life.

This workshop is the ideal New Year or Mid-Year workshop.

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

I would love you to join me for a day designed just for you.

I invite you to show up with an open mind, so we can:

  • Set your intentions for the year ahead and beyond
  • Plan to realise them courageously
  • Start to build momentum and move confidently forward

What will we do?

Disrupt, Dare, Direct is a practical, interactive, half day workshop that challenges you to think deeply about:

  • What’s important to you
  • How you are going to go about getting it
  • How you’ll deal with any obstacles that show up along the way

I’ll share my secret formula for success.  You’ll explore, write, discuss and get creative using a workbook that you take home and use as your guiding compass for the year ahead.

We’ll sustain our hard working heads and hearts with a delicious morning Tea

Public workshop


LiveWELL can be contextualised to suit corporate groups for professional development days.

Rebecca has a very natural and easy-going manner that is instantly engaging and it was very easy to engage with Rebecca’s story and with her as a person. Rebecca is engaging, her story is real, she communicates at many different levels and she is authentic and that’s just AWESOME! If you need someone to really connect with your or your team, someone with authenticity to help drive personal achievement and determination, then do yourself a favour and contact Rebecca; you won’t regret it!
Karina Donohue
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Bec’s style of presenting is great.
She made me feel safe and relaxed.