My Mighty Why

Something About Me


Runner, mother, leader, businesswoman, wife, entrepreneur, yoga lover, salad queen, risk taker, organiser, dreamer, coast dweller, starter, stayer, finisher, negotiator, listener, chaos buster, wellness warrior……..

The Momentum Maker

I believe in building a powerful legacy. What we create and what we leave matters – for our families our communities and for future generations.  

MY Mission

To educate, inspire and empower you to take back control of your life so you can lead a life of purpose, meaning and fulfilment.  

How do I work?

You can trust me to motivate, nudge and hold you accountable. 

I’ll trust you to commit energy and effort to achieving your goals 

Between us we’ll skill you up to swap self-sabotage for self belief. You’ll be prepared to back yourself. You’ll know what you need more of or less of or what you need to do totally differently.

Am I Right For You?

If you’re ready to go for a goal that seems light years away or just out of reach, I’ll help you get there.  

If you’re keen to change but lost for direction I’ll help you find the path. 

See Yourself Here?

Right now I’m coaching people who need to:

  • Learn some sanity saving switch offs from their high pressure 24/7 professions
    After an award winning decade in the demanding real estate industry I know how much this matters
  • Work through the unglamorous, unpaid essentials to establish their new businesses
    After building four successful small businesses I ’get’ what it takes to grind out the grunt work and still stay inspired and on track 
  • ‘Shape up’ for all kinds of endurance events – changing careers, completing a marathon, coming out of their shells
    After three complete career transformations and thousands of kilometres on the road I do disciple and commitment quite well
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Bec lives, breathes and eats health and wellness on every level. She’ll help you harness your goals with her beautiful personality and brilliant sense of humour.

Vicky Taylor